Sunday, December 21, 2014

My Cubby Turns 18!

Eighteen years ago, a very special boy was born in St. Louis, Missouri. He was born far away from my home, but God had a plan to place him in my arms. Not in a hospital. In an airport. Not at birth. At 5 weeks old. The labor pains were effortless at that time, but through the years I have felt those birth pangs. My heart is filled with thanksgiving for this little guy...who isn't so little anymore.

My dear "Hoss",
       Here we stand. Eighteen years old. How fast these years have gone! There are some days I miss my cubby who stood on the table singing his ABC's from the top of his lungs or my little bear who pretended to fish from his daddy's little john boat in the back yard. As I watched you play football this last year of school, I couldn't help but remember you at 2 years old playing football in your little bear undies in the living room. Yup, that was a perfect spiral you threw. Ha! The video plays back in my head so often of those long ago days.
       So much has occurred! So much pain and heartache for you and us, as well as your birth mom. I can only imagine how her thoughts run a muck at this time of year. I know yours probably do too. I don't discount all these feelings and unsure thoughts.
       But I also know and am positively sure that God has planned these events in your life. My heart is filled with gratitude for the decision she made. When you were placed in my arms, I finally felt the feelings that all mommies do. The feeling of overwhelming love. Love that mirrors our Lord's so well. You have brought so much joy to us over the years. Even though the past five years have been tumultuous, God has restored so much, and I cry with tears of joy.
        You have grown into such a strong man. I pray that you would continue to see that your talents and strength come from your Creator. That He is continuing to form you into the man He desires. Whatever comes your way, look to Him. Trust in Him. Seek Him.
         I love you with all my heart! I am proud to call you son!

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