Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Our Special Friends

I hate cats!

This is what I said before Oreo came into our lives. Two years ago, Little Joe purchased a kitten for Inger for her 7th birthday. From just a local pet store. But he is one special cat that makes our lives happy, especially, Inger's.

And now, because we were duped to think all cats are Oreo, we have Snickerdoodles too. Snicks is now one and was raised from one day old by Inger. She bottle fed him and had to mimic a mother cat in many ways. Lots of you tube videos were watched about how to stimulate a baby kitten to use the bathroom. (I bet you didn't know a mother cat licks a baby know stimulate them to pee.) Sorry for all the extra info.

So on this 39 degree morning here in Florida, please enjoy these photos of our special cats...and dog...and hens...and parakeets. So thankful for my little Inger who loves animals.

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