Saturday, November 29, 2014

Fierce Convictions - Book Review

The latest book I've been engrossed in, Fierce Convictions, has definitely got me thinking. This book is written by Karen Swallow Prior and follows the life of a strong woman, Hannah More. She is a woman who is not easily swayed away from what she firmly believes in: abolition of slavery, loving one who may not believe as she does, the training up of children in all areas, and being a voice for the poor and downtrodden, among many others.

Her life begins in a family of father, mother, and four sisters. They were poor, but loved. She grew up to be a widely respected lady who rubbed shoulders with the likes of William Wilberforce, John Newton, and many others. She was a poet who wrote what she believed in that beautiful art of communication. Even if you disagreed with her, you couldn't help but love her. For she spoke what was in her heart with love and compassion, but certainly with conviction.

I love history and learning about historical people. I had never heard of Hannah More.

I have come to love her.

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