Tuesday, April 15, 2014

True North

Today, "Inger", "Marie", and I embarked on our last science class for this year at Crystal Springs Preserve. It was an awesome class teaching all the fundamentals of using a compass and eventually taking us on a geo cache scavenger hunt. I am a tad behind the times, as I do not have an iphone, ipad or even texting on my phone. I have never geo cached, although I would love to after experiencing our fun today. The most intriguing thing to me was the raw basics of the compass. I'm sure sometime in my life I have learned this, but certainly don't remember. (Sorry 3rd grade teacher somewhere who reads this.)

As we learned about the magnetism of the earth, my thoughts went immediately to our Great Creator. And to the wisdom He gives to men to work with His awesome handiwork.

Using a compass is much more difficult than a computerized thingy (not sure the name) you use to geo cache. But it is much more accurate. The key is to keep the needle of the compass directly on due north. AT ALL TIMES!

This brought to mind many songs and poems I have heard comparing Christ to True North.

So I started asking myself questions:
When I feel far away from Christ, where is my soul's "needle" pointed toward? Many times it is pointed south towards ME.
When I'm feeling lost and afraid, is my needle aimed on my True North? Most of the time, I need to change my posture and align it back up.
How can I find my way out of sin and despair? By locating my True North. Less of me; All of Him.

When we have our aim solely on Christ, securing our focus on Him, lining up our "needle" on North, we can dispel fear, anxiety, worry, and sin. We have a Refuge and Strength who can direct us back on track.

I'm so thankful for this! Aren't you?

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