Thursday, October 17, 2013

Changes.....Living in Amazement

It's been way too long! And the truth be told, I haven't had a second to post. Life is in the fast lane right now. I may have time to type a bit, but blogging takes thoughts and my thoughts have been all jumbled up.

With change.

The 19th of October marks the two month anniversary of "Hoss"' return. A return that turned our lives upside down. A return that seemed destined by the Lord. Although his return was due to very difficult circumstances, it was, nonetheless, the right thing. His choices forced us, if you will, to move in a direction we were struggling with. 

God has a sense of humor. 

The words had left my mouth...."I can never home school him."

Well, he is being homeschooled.

He is in the process of dual enrolling in our community college. WOW!!!

He is looking for employment.

He is growing up.

"Hoss" is settled. He is again part of the Ponderosa. We are thankful. Most importantly, God is doing great things. I think of the story of Joseph in the O.T. God used horrible circumstances to accomplish His physical rescue of His people. God uses those "shake 'em up" times to get our attention. As things have progressed, thankfulness has filled my heart. Thankfulness for those bad times. Thankfulness for our Great and Good God who loves us too much to let us coast through this life. For it is in the valleys we feel our most vulnerable. We are needy people.

This Great Shepherd leads us. Amen!


BARBIE said...

Oh I am thrilled to hear this news. Yes, the Good Shepherd leads us well! AMEN!

Anonymous said...

Amen and Amen!! So thankful!
Love you, Patty