Saturday, August 3, 2013

The Most Important Day of Her far

We took off like a flash yesterday afternoon, heading down Highway 75 due south to Sarasota, Florida. The focus this weekend was for "Marie" and I to have a weekend away from all the Ponderosa distractions to focus on her growing up. She is now 14 years old and maturing into a beautiful, Godly, young lady.

Passport to Purity is the best tool we know that enables moms and dads to have honest, blunt conversations about all the facts of life. (There are a whole lot more than what existed when I was her age.)

Dove chocolates, Bing Cherries, Shopping, soaking in the sun at Lido Beach have been part of this weekend for us. But the most important part was sitting together on the bed in the hotel with her head on my shoulder listening to the cds that Family Life Today put together. Everything from peer pressure to sex to dating to (most importantly) trusting her parents are presented in a way that is God-honoring. The theme verse for these sessions is Colossians 1:18.

"And he is he head of the body, the church. he is the beginning, the firstborn from the dead, that in everything he might be preeminent."

As I sit here typing this I am listening to the water run in the bathtub as "Marie" shaves her legs for the first time. I gaze over to the table and see her face powder and blush that we just purchased as well. My little girl is growing up. It is her dad and my responsibility to provide her the protection and guidance as she heads down some new roads.

My heart rejoices in the fact, that at 14 years old, she has joyfully consented to this. She desires with all her heart to please her Lord.

And, I pray for that young man that finds her heart one day. May he love our Lord even more than my daughter.

Oh, more thing. She is super excited about not having to ask permission if she can have something to eat or drink....especially coffee!

One more thing...please pretend you don't see any wrinkles in the last picture. :)


Dianne Hogue said...

What a precious, precious post--both of you are beautiful.

I pray that God blesses Marie and keeps his hand of protection on her all the days of her life.

I, too, pray for the young man who will someday become a part of your family. I pray that God is preparing his heart now.

BARBIE said...

Beautiful! I just took my youngest daughter (13) on her Passport to Purity weekend last month. They grow up too fast!

Anonymous said...

Oh Sarah - what a wonderful day with beautiful "Marie". She is such a precious young lady. I can "feel" her heart for the Lord when I'm around her - so sweet, so pure. So glad the two of you had such a special time together.
Love you both,