Sunday, July 28, 2013

The Battle of Our Lives

Each and every one of us, who are believers, are in the battle of our lives. Sure, there may be all sorts of raging wars around us. Firesticks being thrown. Words that cut deep. Choices that leave a family empty. 

But those that hurt us are not the enemy. We know who the real enemy is. The one who came to steal and destroy.  Our battle is not against flesh and blood, but against principalities and powers of the darkness. We know first hand how that destruction takes place.

"Hoss" finds himself deep in this battle. He just doesn't understand the real depth. But isn't it amazing that in the depth of the battle, the Lion of the Tribe of Judah show up. 

Just as the battle seems so fleshly real, so do the victories. 

Satan desires to mask the beauty of adoption. He desires to change the face of something amazing that mirrors the believer's relationship to the Lord. He will not succeed here. He will be defeated. We trust in the sovereignty of our Almighty God who hold my precious little lamb. 

He is taking him to a very low place, but we trust that there is where "Hoss" will really find his Shepherd. The True Shepherd who loved him enough to sacrifice His own life for the life of my son.


Dianne Hogue said...

He will find him there--and not only that but Hoss will come to a realization that "true blood lines" are those sealed by the Holy Spirit and much stronger than any earthly blood ties could ever be. He will know and act on this one day, I truly believe.

Anonymous said...

Trusting and believing in our victorious Savior and King.

Tanya Cordero said...

Amen!So beautifully said!
Such encouragement.