Friday, September 28, 2012

Book Review - Men of Sunday

As my son was peeking over my shoulder, I was choosing my next book to review. He saw the title, Men of Sunday, along with the picture of a football player and said, "Ooh, get that one, Mom." I did.

I have grown to love football. Having two boys now teenagers definitely has encouraged that love. I also love hearing stories of believers who stand out in the popular crowds and are outspoken about their faith. 

Men of Sunday, written by Curtis Eichelberger, chronicles the lives of past and present football players who profess faith in Christ. Each chapter holds a different aspect of their lives while working their jobs in the NFL. Much of the book reminds those of us, not in the public eye, the difficulties that can arise when one lives in the view of the whole world. The players' entire family is in this limelight. The culture of our world can easily seep in as strong temptations and ruin a once good marriage. The spiritual strength of these couples is so important to fight all that comes their way. I especially appreciated the testimonies of Tony Dungy and Trent Dilfer.

Hearing the testimonies of those who have fought the good fight in this arena is encouraging. But I was very disappointed in the "shallowness" of much of the book. "Faith" is a term that appears to be used loosely. There seems to be a fear of some to "offend" others by their beliefs. I feel this is not an option. Yes, we are to be wise and compassionate, but see the need for saving faith. Sometimes, offending is necessary.

Overall, it was a good book in understanding the struggles that accompany NFL families.

As a part of the booksneeze blogging network, I received a free copy of this book.

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