Thursday, August 23, 2012

Book Review - Call of a Coward

I love missionary stories!

They inspire me, as well as, build my faith, so I was really looking forward to reading Call of a Coward, by Marcia Moston. It did both of these things.

Marcia Moston in honest in her journey to Guatemala. There were many times she spoke of sinful attitudes that arose to the surface from the time her husband decided they were going to the end of the book. But, just like all of us, she acknowledged repented and returned to serving the Lord. She does a great job of bringing to light child-like faith along the road of uncertainty. God's hand is seen all the way from home to Guatemala to Vermont. 

They were only on the mission field in Central America for a few months, but those months were the launching point to a closer walk with God. He also used the trip and experience for so many other ministries once they came back to the states.

Willingness to obey Christ. That is the key to effective ministry. Going where and when He desires you to go. Stepping out in faith and seeing God open and close doors. He answers prayers as part of this process as well.

This book is definitely worth reading and may be used as a mirror in your own life. How is God wanting to use you? Are you willing to do what He calls you to do? 

I received a free copy of this book as part of the Booksneeze Blogging Network.

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