Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Believing for His Glory...Not What I Think Should Be!

As I am reading through Comforts From the Cross, by Elyse Fitzpatrick, I am in awe. You see, the internal struggle I have been fighting seems unbearable at times. Yet, my God knows what I can handle and I must trust Him. 

Each day, Elyse takes me through a view to the cross that must minimize my sin, self and struggles. In light of the cross, all this is momentary light affliction. But, believing is what I really struggle with. This morning she encouraged me with the story of Lazarus. Here's how she did it:

*"When we'ere facing the prospect of lifelong pain or the possibility of final separation from a beloved friend, it's easy to think that we know what would best glorify God. When it's my pain or loss, I think that God's glory would be seen most clearly in my immediate deliverance. But when I look at this story (Lazarus), I see something different. I see Jesus raising a man who had been in the tomb four days, and I know that nothing is impossible. Sure, He could have instantly alleviated the family's suffering, but JESUS IS MORE INTERESTED IN OUR ETERNAL CURE THAN HE IS IN OUR TEMPORAL RELIEF."

*"He is not capricious, picking petals off a daisy: 'I think I'll help them, I think I won't'. He's bearing your suffering and has entered into every bit of it, but He is waiting. Perhaps your deliverance will come before your next breath; perhaps it will come as you take your last. I don't know. But I do know that He has made a promise to you: 'if you believe you will see the glory of God (John 11:40)."

*"Hang on to Him in faith and imagine you will see the glory of God! Your eyes will be opened to see how truly wise, powerful, and good He is. Somehow, in some way hidden to your weak eyes, your suffering is making a way for that to happen. I don't know when your 'Lazarus' will rise, but when he does, you will see something you never could have imagined. You will see God's glory, you will begin to see Him as He is, and then you will understand."

I hang on to this. I strive to believe. I cry out, "Lord, help my unbelief."


Treasures Evermore said...

Wow, what an incredible post. So much for me to ponder on this post for sure....how we all have unbelief at times and some days way more than others.


Anonymous said...

That's really powerful. Such truth to hold on to. Praying for you dear friend. Love you, Patty