Monday, November 21, 2011

Movie Review - Journey to Christmas

As our family used the last couple of evenings to view the DVD, Journey to Christmas, we had lots to reflect on afterward.

Everyone likes a reality show format. It's engaging and keeps you wanting more information about the people that are part of it.

Journey to Christmas takes you on a journey with 5 adults, all from different background, places and ages. They are given a tour of Israel from the point of view of the Christmas story. There are 4 episodes, and in each one there is one focal point of the Nativity story.

The "journey" is very well done, as far as a film goes. As a spectator, we learned a lot of the history of Israel and the culture surrounding Jesus' life on earth. We were able to really appreciate the terrain and ruggedness of life in the area where our Savior grew up. Each person who traveled in this movie had a different view on religion and their lives. Two of the women seemed to be the most grounded in what true salvation is. 

The disappointing part of this movie was the ability to see what the world has done to the sacred place of Christ's life. In the words of one of the gentlemen, "This is religious c**p. God is not impressed with all this." Our sentiments exactly. The world has made a shrine of idolatry to God and what He wants most is their lives surrendered to Him. There wasn't much change in any of the travelers. Those who believed still believed and those who did not, still did not. We also would have desired to see more of heart changing opportunities, rather than just a historical synopsis of Israel.

We, as a family connected with Drew the most. He was adopted and left his home at 16 years old due to "issues". We have these "issues" in our lives most days. He was the most down to earth and real, no-nonsense traveler. We pray that God would work past all these human means to save these people for His glory.

The reason for Christ's birth was overlooked. He came because we need salvation from our sins. This is the true meaning of Christmas.

*As a part of the Tyndale Blogging Network, I received a complementary copy of this DVD.

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