Friday, October 28, 2011


There will soon be 3 young people (teens) in my house. Well, one is not here physically. But he is constantly part of my life.

And with 3 young adults comes all kinds of new conversations.

Conversations here at the Ponderosa are not always typical of other homes. That's what happens when you have many different backgrounds and ethnicity. When the kids were younger there was no thought to their skin color, but as they age it comes to the surface.

Sure, all teens go through some sort of, "Who am I?" "What do I believe?" and I think at times even, "What does the culture say to me about who I am?"

For those of us in white skin, I don't think we understand the full extent of the world around us. Think about it. When my children are involved in other activities outside of the Ponderosa, they are in a sea of white. If the tables were turned, not many of us would last too long without being uncomfortable. You can't deny it. I don't want to admit it, but you know it's true.

This was one of the major issues in "Hoss"' life when everything went down.

This is creeping up in "Little Joe's" life too.

As our family grew we never made a big deal about race. But as they grow, it comes up. And we have to have answers. I know the God who has THE answer.

As I was listening to John Piper's message on Romans 1:1 he said something that was so profound.

"The question is not Who are you?, but rather, Whose are you?."

This is the key. And as I share this and pray this for my little bigs, I look for avenues for more integration too. I have lovely friends who add more color to our lives, and for this I am grateful.

I know we'll make it.


Anonymous said...

Well said Sarah!

Jane C.

Treasures Evermore said... sad that "race" has to play a part in anything...too bad we are not all blind..then colour wouldn't matter:-(

Praying for your family.