Saturday, October 22, 2011

Fun at Wycliffe Bible Translators

Wednesday, the girls, along with my nieces, attended Wycliffe Bible Translators children's program, A to Z. The leaders and workers were so good with the kids. They said so many life altering things that our children need to hear more often, like, "Be grateful for school. There are many children who cannot even attend school and learn now to read."

We studied the country of Ethiopia. There are 94 languages in Ethiopia, with a little more than 50 that still need a translation of the Bible.

While practicing with the musical instruments, we were told a story. Years ago there was a 12 year old girl who attended a class. She was given a people group to pray for. She diligently prayed through the years. Time came for her to graduate. She majored in translation work and was accepted to Wycliffe to be a translator. They assigned her a people group...and guess what people group this was? Right! The one she had prayed for as a youth. God used her to answer her own prayers. Amazing.

We are spoiled. Bible sit upon shelves in most houses without much use. We take for granted those who gave their lives for the printing and translation work hundreds of years ago. We are blessed.

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