Monday, September 26, 2011

Our New Addition

Treasure was his name and soccer is his game. "Inger's" birthday is Tuesday and we celebrated with a frog party yesterday. Saturday we went to pick up the gift that "Little Joe" surprised her with. Thanks to our Lakeland friends for supplying him for us.

Ginger is his name now, but we are not sure of the gender of this cute little bird yet. He has so much personality. He plays with his toys all morning and seems to be carrying on a conversation with someone.

You will notice the trepidation in "Inger's" face as Ginger makes the walk up her arm.


Treasures Evermore said...

So cute....we got a budgie last year...but it was so noisey that we ended up giving him back...he didn't like us either and would never sit on your finger for more than one second...not what my dd was looking for.

Looks like your's has a real cool personality.


Anonymous said...

Love the pix from her party and of the new addition! The boys love the bird. They were like "awwwww" how cool! Reminds me of our parakeet growing up in the farmhouse. Love you,