Monday, September 12, 2011

It's Not That Easy

The Puebla Ponderosa has just started week seven in Sabbath schooling this year. This means we are taking a break from normal school and doing some fun school; visits, field trip, etc.

This morning we were doing our worship around the breakfast table and have come to the 7th chapter of Acts. Stephen, a newly appointed deacon, is preaching to the religious crowd. He recounts the old testament seeing through the lens of God's mercy and judgment. He then pronounces the truth of where the religious leaders, chief priests and people stand.

Stiff-necked. Uncircumcised. Resisters of the Holy Spirit. Persecutors like your fathers.

Their response?

Grinding their teeth, stopping their ears, screaming; they rushed at him. Picking up stones they began stoning him.

His response as he was dying?

"Father, do not hold this against them."

This has cut to the core of my own heart. As I was relating this all to my children, my littlest one said, "Mommy, he should of asked them to 'Please, don't do that'."

I looked at her knowing she was relating information that we have used in conflict resolution. But deep down, I think she was cut to the quick too. She wanted them to stop.

God's story is amazing, for He used this to further the kingdom of His dear Son. She has a hard time grasping this, but I pray one day all my children's faith will be as strong.

One day, very soon, they may need to stand up in the same way.


Treasures Evermore said...

Oh how hard isn't it....I fear my strength and faith is weak when it comes to physical persecution...amy this day never come...just my selfish thoughts.

But always wanting to serve no matter the cost.

Hugs friend,

P31 Mom said...

Been thinking about your family and especially your oldest. This post is so true. I've reading many old books, from the 1800's, and I've noticed that they didn't protect children from the hard things so much as I do. They reminded them that death is sure and sudden. They reminded them that they may be persecuted. You are such a good mommy to teach them this hard truth. And bless that little girl of yours for using her conflict resolution skills.

Lisa notes... said...

I've been reading "Bonhoeffer" and "Unbroken" lately. The stories of concentration camp victims just unnerve me. People being persecuted for their faith in those harsh ways--often to the death--is just something I read about.

But I wonder too if it's something we'll have to experience face to face one day... May the Lord build up strength and courage in all of us now.

Good job for teaching your kids even the hard stories of faith. Your daughter's reaction was so precious.