Thursday, September 29, 2011

Hymn Study #4 Phillip Bliss

This week's hymn study is on Phillip Bliss, the author of , Hallelujah! What a Savior. Phillip Bliss was a contemporary of Fanny Crosby and Ira Sankey. Before Sankey became a duo with D.L. Moody, Bliss was the one who helped Moody with the worship and singing at the evangelistic meetings. Bliss wrote many songs, of which a few are: Dare to be a Daniel, Jesus Loves Even Me, My Redeemer, and Wonderful Words of Life, just to name a few. He also, wrote the music for It is Well With My Soul. 

 Bliss was raised in a Godly home and doesn't remember a time that he did not know Jesus, but at the age of 12 made a public commitment of what was already in his heart. He was a man of great talent, but more than that, was a man who loved the Lord. He married and was the father of two children. At the age of 38 he and his wife were involved in a train wreck. He escaped, but realized his wife was still inside pinned in the flames. He went back in and stayed with her until they both were taken home to be with Jesus. When his luggage arrived at the destination many hymns were found and published. 

 God used Bliss in a way that helped to shape the history of Christianity in America. 

Next time I sing of "The Man of Sorrows" or dance around with my chickadees singing Dare to be a Daniel, I will remember the life of a man who lived the talk and laid down his very life for his beloved.


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What a love story and what a beautiful song!