Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Listening Big

Each morning my treasures and I have Bible around our kitchen table. We are reading through the book of John. We each take a verse and we read through one chapter a day. Each person, then, explains a verse that they took notice of, or an attribute of God. Today was no different.

John 10

"Mrs. Cartwright":
"John 10:28 reminds us that once we are God's sheep, nothing can change that. 'and I give eternal life to them, and they will never perish; and no one will snatch them out of My hand.' Nothing can take us out of the fold...but we must be part of the true fold to begin with. Does this mean we can live any way we want to and hold to this promise. NO! We must always be examining our lives to see if our fruit is in line with true conversion. Our hearts desires must be to relinquish all sin and strive for holiness. We will continue to sin until we are in heaven, but are we relying on Christ and wanting to please him?"

Then I reminded them of the interview of Tullian Tchividjian (part 1 and part 2) that we listened to on Sunday. He prayed a prayer at 6 years old, but wasn't saved until he was 21. Saying a prayer doesn't save you, trusting in Christ and bearing fruit is evidence of a change.

"Little Joe":
"Jesus says I am the Good Shepherd."

"The religious leaders wanted to kill Jesus, but it wasn't His time yet."

"Mommy, can I say something?" (Usually she has a hard time paying attention to the hard words, but today was something different.)"It was wintertime, Mommy."

I looked at her and wondered where in the world she got that from. Lo, and behold, there it was staring me in the face. John 10:23, "It was winter...." (Although, she is my nature lover...that word must have jumped out at her.)

Just a reminder to me of the little details that matter. One day, my prayer is that these little lambs will have a strong desire to inductively study the Word of God. One little fact that mattered to place the context of this passage.

Jesus, bend my lambs' hearts to you.

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carolineg said...

This was beautiful! It was winter.... just precious and encouraging all rolled into one! I have never seen your blog, but am thrilled to have stumbled upon it. We were listening to the first sermon of Tullian's on grace this afternoon. Wow! I am in the process of being blown away. Love to you dear friend!