Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Just a Few Extra Seconds....

Today as "Inger" and I did school together, she arrived at at a new level of creativity. One that I have never had to make time for in my other students.

So I asked myself, "Do I make time for this?"

The artist has come alive, and, yes, it matters deeply to her that she is able to make her name look beautiful. Needless to say, I was pretty impressed that a five year old can make her letters let alone, dress them up.

This got me to thinking...how many times do I say no, but could say yes?

I'm afraid to say, too many. Most of the time the negative reply is given because it takes time. But what do these few seconds matter? I am showering love on her instead of worrying about my time table.

So saying "Yes" yesterday made one little girl very happy.

And saying yes, made one big mama content.

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BARBIE said...

That's beautiful artwork and penmanship there!