Saturday, August 13, 2011

Book Review

Adoption is part of our story, so when I saw the book, Love you More, by Jennifer Grant, available for a blog review, I jumped on it. For who doesn't like a heart warming story?

Love You More is part story, part explanation of the adoption experience. As I read it, I needed to remember this is one woman's journey, not every one's. Although, there were many similarities in our experience as well. There were many times she referred to those bizarre questions one is asked, especially when there is an interracial adoption, and help the reader to know what to say regarding infertility, parenting and adoption. Sometimes the person with the most sincere heart can say the most insensitive things. That she addressed this, I am grateful.

The journey of the adoption of Mia into their home is a beautiful picture of the artistry of adoption. Yet, Jennifer was real with her struggles in the process as well. It wasn't all rosy all the time. She delved into interracial adoption and racism that remains alive and well. Yes, we are far from the times of slavery and yet, because of sin, prejudice remains.

My only negative about this book is the lack of spiritual discernment. There were many references to other religions (Buddhism, Jewish mysticism, etc.) being o.k. to embrace. There was even a quote from her acquaintance that stated abortion is a right. This disappointed me. Mostly that Thomas Nelson published it.

Jesus made all the difference in my adoption experience. If it weren't for Him then or now, I wouldn't have made it.


Cookie Crumbs and Aprons said...

Thank you for this review, I often buy books like this and this is greatly appreciated.

:) Hope things are going well.

Penelope said...

Disappointed that Thomas Nelson prints books that support abortion. Thanks for the review!

I just started reading Secret Daughter about an adoption from India. Well written so far!

keri said...

I’ve read this book as well, and really enjoyed it. I think it is helpful and interesting, even if you are not a parent by adoption. It’s beautifully written.
I’m curious, though, about your concern about the abortion question. You took out of context the comment of an adoptive mother (who adopted two special needs children). She was responding to people who said her kids were lucky that she chose them. She responded to that by saying that all children are chosen. That mother simply observed what is true under the law of the United States, (whether we think it’s a good law or not): that we have the right, under the law, to use birth control or to a legal abortion. This mother was NOT saying abortion is good, or that people ought to exercise that right. She’s saying it’s legal, it’s a right that women have—which is true, at least in the U.S. She’s of course not recommending it, she’s merely stating that people sometimes do. So therefore, if they choose not to prevent pregnancy or prevent birth, then they have CHOSEN to have that child. I’d ask you to go back to that and re-read it (page 49) because I think you are misrepresenting the book. And your reader, Penelope, misunderstood your observation to say that Thomas Nelson prints books that support abortion, which is absolutely untrue. Also, I’m not sure where you find Buddhism or mysticism in the book. Citing a tradition or folk tale from another culture is not the same thing as promoting that culture’s religion.
Blessings to you and your beautiful family.

Adoption Mama said...

Keri, After rereading the portion, I would say it still is unclear as to her comment. I understand the context in which it is stated, but was not written clearly. Also, as far as an adoption book goes, I think it was a great story, but Jennifer embraces other religions and never really makes it clear that she believes Jesus is the Only Way. That is my biggest concern in all of this. Thanks for your comment.