Saturday, June 11, 2011

Mommy's Helper

My Dear Marie,

I know your heart's desire. You see, mine was the same. I remember being your age and all I wanted to do was grow up and be a mommy and wife. You must keep your eyes on the Lord and seek first his kingdom. Do your best to honor and obey your mom and dad to prepare you for the greatest role you will have one day. It is the greatest role!

The Lord has created you with such a precious spirit that will one day be a gift to the Godly man God brings your way. Every day I pray for you and your future. He will provide you with exactly what you will need. You have so many gifts that can be cultivated and used to glorify your Savior. Keep up the cheerful heart ever relying on Jesus.

Marie, you are a gift from above. No man knows the miracle God has done in your life. The world says you have nothing to offer. The world says you won't accomplish anything. God says, "Trust in Me and I will direct your paths."

I love you dear daughter and am honored to be your Mom.

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