Sunday, May 1, 2011

Our Newest Teenager

I hate that word. Teenager....

He is a young man.

"Little Joe" turned 13 today. He is a joy and it is a privilege to be his Momma.

L-Light Hearted; bringing joy to all around him
I- Incredible; in MANY ways
T-Trustworthy; He always follows through on what he says
T-Totally cool; This is a word he would be proud for me to use.
L-Loving; I have enjoyed hearing from his heart in our journal we correspond with.
E-Easy; to be around

J-Jolly; he is always making me laugh
O-Observant; he's the one with the photographic memory
E-Eager to help; does any task to his fullest ability

We love you, "Little Joe".

Happy 13th birthday.


Joy: said...

My oldest just turned 13 a few months back and oh how it hurt my heart!

Treasures Evermore said...

Happy Birthday to Little hard to figure out where the years went...We just became grandparents for the first time yesterday and I'm feeling so feels like yesterday and I gave birth to my baby...and now she has a baby. Don't even know how to process that all.

Have a blessed week.

Penelope said...

Happy birthday, Little Joe! Wow! Almost a man!

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