Monday, April 18, 2011

He Hears

"Our tears are liquid prayers."- Charles Spurgeon

My God knows my thoughts before I think them.

So when the words won't come and the tears do, He hears.


Anonymous said...

God gave Hoss to you because He knew that you would be everything in a mother that Hoss would need. You have taught him well and he will never forget your love or the love he has for you. That will never go away Sarah.
I'm thinking of you.
Love you dear,

Joy: said...

I have been praying for you and Hoss again today. Something that keeps crossing my mind about this is something that I have been reminded so often in my own journey. All of things that have happened, all of these things that have been and will continue to be so hard, are no surprise to God. He already knew. He knew Hoss would live the life he is living. He knew your hearts would break. He knew. Before Hoss came, he already knew. He also knew that through this part of the journey, you would need HIM.

I am so sorry for your struggles. You are in my prayers.

BARBIE said...

He most definately hears the cry of your heart. Praying for you and for Hoss.