Thursday, December 23, 2010

A Phone Call

Today, my phone rang. I picked it up and heard,

"Thanks. Mom." (choking up)

This was the best thanks I have ever heard.

"Mr. Cartwright" picked up "Hoss" today and will be headed home tomorrow.


Clay in His Hands said...

Yea!!! Welcome home, precious one!

What a blessed Christmas this will be for the Pueblas. I rejoice with you, my sister.


Mrs. Stam said...


Meredith said...

Now that is a phone call you will never forget!!!

Anonymous said...

A little over 24 hours and I will be seeing my nephew and wrapping my arms around him and hugging him tight!!!!! I CAN'T WAIT!!!
Auntie Jen :)

Anonymous said...

YEAH!!!! Love, Jane

BARBIE said...

So thankful for this gift of your son!