Friday, November 12, 2010

Another Resource

Polar Bears. Crabs. Houseflies. Mice. Caribou. Peacocks. Kidneys. Appendix.

All of these "Inger" has been learning about using
this resource. Uncle Bob's Nature Corner has been playing on our local Moody radio channel for many years. Thanks to a friend of mine, we now are using the cassettes (yes, remember those old things) daily. "Inger" will sit for up to an hour listening as she draws or pieces together puzzles.

Each program personifies the bug, animal, bird, or part of the human body. Uncle Bob "interviews" each and there is so much learned about each in such a way that "Inger" can relate back to me what she has learned. There have been times she has actually corrected my "wrong" information given during school. Most importantly, it is from a Christian Creation perspective.

As a home school mom, this resource provides my littlest one with a wonderful way to learn, while keeping her busy for a while I school everyone else.
And each episode ends with a Bible Verse about the "Kind Creator".
This is the most important nugget for her to glean.

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Stacey said...

I love these kind of books. What a great resource for your little one! It's such fun for the adults to read along, too, isn't it?