Saturday, October 23, 2010

First Memories

(To those of you who know we really aren't back from Missouri yet, I scheduled this to be posted before we left. I couldn't let this day go by.)

Today 17 years ago, God graciously brought my love into my life.

We had been friends for a couple of months. I was facing an important and uncertain surgery that could have had a possibly serious diagnosis. This servant-leader of mine invested in so much of my life at that time, helping me to keep focused on the Lord and trust Him for the outcome. After my surgery, he visited me every day in the hospital as well as at home.

Then the turning point came. As I was recovering at home one evening, "Mr. Cartwright" came over. I thought this was to be a very normal visit; Bible reading, prayer and just chatting. As we finished up reading, he presented me with one single red rose. (Along with the rose, he handed me a cute plush rendition of Barney the Purple Dinosaur....I don't tell too many people that, so please keep it to yourself :)

I knew then, that this precious young man would be my husband one day. (Back then I wouldn't have used the word young....there is 8 1/2 years between us...but as we both age, I definitely would say we were much more full of youth!)

I am so thankful for this precious gift. He makes me feel cherished and special. He gives of himself so freely to his family. He is such a hard worker both at his place of employment and our abode.

I love you so much, "Mr. Cartwright".


BARBIE said...

Happy Anniversary Mr. & Mrs. Cartwright!

Stacey said...

How very sweet! All the best to you both, and abundant blessings from God.