Sunday, September 5, 2010


As I sat down to post today, my mind came to a conversation I had had with my precious Mother before the Lord took her home. I had asked her to contribute a guest post on her thoughts and life as she fought cancer.

She never was able to. Things happened so quickly. She was well and fighting one day, and sick and dying the next.

IF she had been able to write something, I believe she would have shared something similar to these thoughts:

"As I fight this cancer, I have a peace and joy that only Christ can give. He has taught me so much about dependency on Him. For two years I have been fighting lung cancer, and through it all have used every opportunity I can get to share Christ with those around me. Whatever you are going through in life, no matter how big or small, Christ is the answer for strength and direction. He is the One who allowed this sickness in my life and I want to use it for His glory."

Mom is now rejoicing in heaven with my Heavenly Father. She is now able to really "see" what she only understood from afar.

I wish you could have known my mom. She was a woman of deep faith. Her favorite quote was from Corrie Ten Boom.

"There is no pit so deep, that God is not deeper still."

I have felt so many times in such a deep pit. I remind myself: "My Father's love is wider, longer, higher and deeper than anything I will go through. He will sustain me."

So I ask my Heavenly Father to send my dear Mother a message: I miss and love her.


BARBIE said...

Oh what a jewel your mother sounds like, and now a perfect jewel in the crown of the Lord. Love the quote from Corrie Ten Boom -- NO pit is too deep!

Clay in His Hands said...

Oh, she was as wonderful as you say she was! To know her was to love, respect, and want to emulate her. She was funny, quick to laugh, quick to offer an opinion, quick to forgive, to love, to help out a friend or neighbor, to offer wise counsel. But most of all, she was dedicated to you, my sweet little sister, and her other children and their children...and to her Lord. He was her reason for living. He was her blessed hope, and she sees clearly now what you and I only see "through a mirror dimly."

I know you miss her. I love you and am praying for you now.