Tuesday, September 28, 2010

A New Movie Review

Community. Community. Community.

This one word sums up the underlying theme of the movie, The Way Home. Dean Cain does an great job portraying a father whose youngest son disappears into acres and acres of woods surrounding their home.

Job and work has always come before family to this father. God certainly gets his attention away from what he has deemed as most important and refocuses his priorities to what are his precious gifts given by God.

The body of Christ comes out from all over to help the search for this little 2 year old. The testimony of "Christian community" is shown to all professionals involved...firefights, rescue workers, police officers, and even news reporters. This is one of the great lessons learned by those who view this film.

The movie is based on a true story and it was delightful hearing from the real life mom and dad in the special features of the DVD.

Overall, the movie was very good. The story line is near and dear to all parents. And the producers did a great job making this a Christian movie. They do not mask the values that are most important in a believer's life in the midst of trials. The Word of God. Prayer. The body of Christ.

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