Sunday, September 19, 2010

Another Book Sent From Above

I just finished reading, Desperate Hope, When Faith in God Overcame My Despair, by Candi Pearson-Shelton.

God placed this book in my hands. No. Really. I did put it on hold at our local library, not knowing what in the world it was about. It sounded like a great read.

My Precious Savior knew more. He knew I had to read it.

Candi Pearson-Shelton takes us on her journey of losing her beloved brother, Ricky, to a two month battle with Leukemia. She and her brother both have been part of the Passion Movement. She wrote the title song to the album, Glory Revealed. She knows her Savior and yet, like me, she had so many questions that she had to explore to come to the realization of her great Savior. This Savior that she had so often sung about.

Her story is candid. Her journey is my journey. The mental and emotional fog she existed in, I have felt and at times still feel. But I also cling to the promises she reminds herself and the readers.

Each chapter is filled with raw emotion, yet solid truths from God's Word. God used this book, along with Scripture, to begin a new level of healing in my soul. I know God's Word is true, yet I have hesitated to dig in. I thank my Shepherd for using the body of Christ to speak to the depths of my soul. He brings trials, grief, hurt and comfort to some in order to comfort others. It is so astoundingly true.

One amazing truth Candi brought out was in the very first chapter. She reminded me of Jesus' prayer for the disciples in John 17. Verse 24 tells us that Jesus prayed to His Father to bring all those who are given to Him back to where He is. I prayed for the opposite, but Jesus' prayer was answered when my beloved mother was taken home to be with Him. I must rejoice in this.

I am.

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Clay in His Hands said...

How cool that you read this book! Candi is a wonderful vocalist and a phenomenal worship leader, and so was Ricky. His diagnosis led to radical treatment and a very fast demise. Our entire community was praying for them. The Pearsons were a testimony to a watching world just like your family was during your mom's illness and passing.

He will carry you through your grief, just as He carried Candi. About 18 months after Rick died, Candi and her husband led worship at our church. God told me to go backstage and give her a word. When I did, she was still raw. Time helps, time heals...but your blessed hope is knowing that you WILL see your mom again.

Love you dearly-