Monday, August 9, 2010

Windows on the World

Last week, I referenced this book as a tool that we are using during Table Time in school. Windows on the World has been written to educate families on all the different countries and people groups of the world.

Each page highlights these features:

1. The facts: population, language, exports, chief crops, etc.

2. The Religion

3. A story from a child's perspective of life. This includes both positive and negative things. But the authors have made sure to include persecution in a mild form. It is so important that our children see how other children live, the struggles in life that we don't have, and the beauty of freedom that we can enjoy that others don't have. Our children grow up in a time when our freedom is taken for granted.

4. The full color pictures that are true to life photographs help the children to see what life is really like in other parts of the world.

5. The most important section is the prayer box. You are given things to thank God for as well as things to pray for God to do in these countries.

As we open this book each morning we get out the globe and find the country or countries each people group comes from. This helps us incorporate geography as well.

So far we have studied Afghanistan, Albania, the Azeri people, and the Balinese People from Bali. Last month we had a missionary visit our fellowship from Albania, so his presentation came back to our remembrance and we understood a little more of their story.

There are so many lost and dying around the globe. I pray that my children's hearts will be softened towards those who need the Gospel, either next door to the Ponderosa or on the other side of the Globe.


Sandpiper said...

I stopped by your blog yesterday, but I think my comment got lost in cyber-space. Anyhow, I wanted to say how neat it is that we both have the same little book on the Royal Wedding. I think my mom gave me mine.

We also have the same Window on the World book. It's a great resource.

Blessings to you!

Sandpiper said...

Thanks for your comment, the school table is rarely that clean though! LOL!