Friday, July 23, 2010


I don't want to go there. IF I allow myself to do this, I feel like I might drown. So I stay busy, doing, doing, doing.

But then I opened my inbox and found this. I know I must, to heal. I must enter this valley. God will help me to breath and not die. He will give me the grace for the sorrow. He will bring the peace.

This I know.


Stacey said...

Oh friend, I weep with you. It is so hard. Just last night, as my poor husband will tell you (my earthly comforter), I went through a session of intense grief and sorrow and tears, all about loss and grief, and missing my Dad and Mom, both of whom died in 2008, shortly after I moved to Scotland. It was all so hard, and the thing is, it still is. Maybe not as frequently, but still as intense. If it weren't for my faith (which gets shaken a lot-- or maybe more like a tree being blown about, but with strong roots --shaken in appearance, but still standing) and my dear husband, I don't think I could cope at all.

God will hold you securely, friend, while you weep and wail.

Barbie said...

Lifting you up today my friend. I believe one day He will turn your mourning into dancing. It's His promise! But for now, He holds your tears and cries with you.

Clay in His Hands said...

Loving you. Caring for you. Praying for you. Asking God to send supernatural comfort for you.


Anonymous said...

I love you Sarah. When I read that devotion, it brought such emotion and rivers of tears. I wish we could stop the busyness of life, all get together as a family on a beach somewhere and just "be" and remember. Alas, time and finances don't allow that at this time but I can dream and hope and pray for time to be together. Love, your sis, Jen

Val said...

I read your prayer request at (In)Courage and followed your link here. I am praying for you in the loss of your Mama and also in the journey of your son.

I lost my Mom to Lung Cancer five years ago and it was one of the hardest seasons in my life. But God does meet us in our grief and he can take the full gamut of emotions that come while we're there.

Anyway. I'm praying for you today.