Monday, July 12, 2010

Fishers of Men

It was a beautiful day out. As the Ponderosa headed out to fish, my heart's prayer was that my little people would see their Mama fishing for men, too.

We spent a couple hours at the pond hoping there would be some bites. No fish seemed to need our food we were supplying. Do those out in the "big pond" know that we have the Bread of Life? Do they realize we have the answer to their hunger and thirst? Do we tell them? This can help you as you attempt to help them see that they even have a need.

Finally, we had a couple of nibbles; just a couple of beautiful baby bluegills. My little women caught them. O, Master, give my daughters hearts of truth. Give them courage to stand strong in a world of hate and lawlessness. Give them love for the lawless.

Their hands are small, but can learn so much. Timing is the key to fishing. They must learn how to watch the bobber, and gently, pull the line in. Father God, give my children discernment to know truth from lies. Keep their eyes focused on you and not the world around them.

Giver of life, help us to be in the world and not of it. May we not be so separated that we fear coming nose to nose with unbelievers. Help us to love those of the world, by having compassion on their souls, not condemning them for their way of life. For we were once with out You, and you showed us much mercy.

The leader of the Ponderosa has always loved fishing, both for fish and men. He has been such an amazing example to this family as he has such compassion for the needs of the lost, and doesn't hesitate to share the truth of God's Word with others.

God Almighty, grant my husband the courage to lead this little flock.


Dianne said...

This was a great post and I love the analogy.

The link is very good and I will go back there when I have more time. Your Ponderosa sure has some precious little ones.

Have a great week!

Maria said...

God bless your sweet family!

Melissa Runcie | Madabella said...

Beautiful prayer echoed in my own heart for my children!