Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The Desert

I am in the desert.

I am parched and thirsty.

I am exhausted and hot.

I see no water.

But, I do see a set of footprints ahead. They entice me to follow, even though my stamina is gone.

I know if I follow I will find Living Water for my soul.

Right now, though, I feel nothing...I feel like falling in the sand and never getting back up.

I press on to find this water, for I have tasted of it before. I know where to find it. I just need your strength of Giver of Life.

The Place of Nourishment I will open today. The Words touch my thirsty lips and I am revived.


Stacey said...

Once again, your post really spoke to my heart this day. It has definitely been a desert-sort of day over here. Thank you for pointing me in the right direction. Thank God for His faithfulness!

Dorothy said...

Mrs Cartwright that was so encouraging. God bless you and yours. How is your son doing?