Saturday, May 15, 2010

At the Feet of Jesus

Lay your burden at the feet of Jesus, my dear one.

These lovely feet pierced through for our sin that are stained with the blood that cleanses our sin-sick hearts.

These dusty feet that paraded through the streets of Jerusalem and the surrounding districts loving the unlovable.

These beautiful feet that walked upon the Sea of Galilee, bidding one frightened disciple to come and trust.

These small but perfect feet that took my Lord when He was just a boy to the synagogue to give early evidence of the God Man.

These tired, but enduring feet that walked the road to Golgotha, for you and me.

These feet that took my Savior to see His Father.

These lovely feet that were wiped by the woman who offered her sacrifice of praise, when all those around her couldn't believe she was wasting her costly perfume.

These tender feet that leave behind the mark that proves He carries me when I am weak and lonely.

These feet that I will one day bow before and acknowledge as my King of Kings and Lord of Lords forever and ever.

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