Friday, March 5, 2010

Ideas For Resurrection Day?

I am looking for ideas to celebrate Resurrection Day, as well as leading up to it. We have made Resurrection cookies in the past, but they never turned out the way they were supposed to.

This is one "holiday" that is essential for believers. Our lives would be meaningless without our Christ coming back to life and conquering death.

I would love to hear from you.


Jessie at Blog Schmog said...

Have you ever heard of resurrection eggs? My MIL got them for my kids. They tell the whole story. I'll have to drag them out and see. I can't remember the details.

Stacey said...

Here I am, catching up on my blog friends' posts again... I wanted to jump right in on this one because I have been working on this very thing the past few years. So here are a few things we do:

We have a rugged wooden cross outside our door, on the wall of our house. During Lent, it is draped with a purple cloth. At Easter, it gets lilies placed on it. After Easter (the season) it will have a white cloth, and at Christmas it will get holly.

We decorate our table with all things spring... flowers, catkins, pussy willows, Easter eggs.

We have a banner we have made, which we display in the house.

We make Easter egg bread and share it with friends and family.

Our Resurrection cookies never turn out right, either!

We have our own Sunrise / Sonrise service at the beach, reading the Easter story and praying and praising God.

We have lots and lots of white candles burning on Easter Day (which might not be so good witht he little ones!)

We pray the Via Lucis, or Way of the Light (which is like Stations of the Cross, only it is Stations of the Resurrection).

There is a wonderful book called the Garden of the Good Shepherd, by Tomie de Paola, which is a sticker book to help children mark the 50 days of Easter.

We attend church, of course (duh). Communion is an important part of Easter, too.

Hope this helps?? I would love to hear more about what others are doing, too. And yes, we have the Resurrection Eggs. You can make your own with plastic eggs, as well.

Stacey :-)