Thursday, February 18, 2010

Lovey Dovey Day

Valentine's Day....that's what we are blogging about on talkin' about Thursday.

This day has always been a bitter sweet in years past. I've struggled with expectations and let those guide me instead of loving my man and enjoying him. Each year that goes by, the Lord grows me in this area. The romance is important, but there are many more important things.

~ I have a godly husband, who desires to lead this little flock in the ways of the Lord.
~ I have a godly husband who works hard every day so that I can be my children's teacher and nurturer.
~ I have a godly husband who cherishes me in the little things.

So maybe he doesn't give me flowers all the time,(although I did get a certificate for a massage this year), or lots of little gifts, but I know without a shadow of doubt that I am loved and will always be.

This year, my parents were in town, so we were able to actually go on a date the Friday before Valentine's Day. Sunday, we spent the evening with our wonderful friends and spiritual family having a Valentine's Dinner that included everyone married or single. We played a couple of games and then heard a message on The Love of God. Have you ever viewed the cross as the height, depth and breadth of love? It is the perfect picture of true agape love. Let this be our example for eternity.


Genny said...

Isn't it nice when you get to go on a date like that? (sounds like we had similar Valentine's Days with our parents in town and getting to go out... :)

Glad you had a great one! And I'm so glad you joined in today!

Barbie said...

Date nights are so important. We don't take them often enough. So glad you enjoyed yours.

Jan J. said...

Hi, I've been enjoying your blog since I followed a link from, I believe, A Million Arrows. I wanted to say as a single (adoptive) mom that I appreciate YOUR appreciativeness of your husband. I work from home so I can homeschool my girls and be a full-time mom. I adopted my first daughter from China at 12 months and my second at almost 7 years old, and tomorrow the latter turns 13, the other is 12-1/2. So many ladies I know don't appreciate their spouses and have many complaints about what they don't do about the house, they don't give them flowers or surprises anymore, etc. I understand their frustration, but in my position if I had a spouse who just worked and provided and was kind, I would be so appreciative! And so less tired. And I think if more spouses were told they were appreciated, maybe more of the other things would follow?! Anyway, mostly I just wanted to say I have enjoyed and been inspired by reading about your wonderful family!