Friday, February 12, 2010

Iron sharpening Iron

This is part II of making conversation intentional. Our speech can be so meaningless at times. Let yours be seasoned with salt today.

Questions from Titus 2 (see Titus 2:4-5
(taken from Carolyn Mahaney's, "Feminine Appeal")

Of the seven virtues listed in Titus 2, which one do you think your husband, father, trusted friend would like you to work on? Go ahead and ask them!

Loving your husband:
How did you choose to cherish your husband this past week?

Loving your children:
What are your current feelings about Motherhood?
How does God's Word address your present feelings?

Eating, sleeping, thoughts, feelings, and time with God...which area are you most in need of self-control?
What truths about God and the Gospel can we run to in this battle?

In what ways might you be making "provision for the flesh"? See Romans 13:1(Possible places to evaluate...T.V., books, magazines, music, situations, daydreaming...)
Hwo can you flee these temptations?

Which homemaking task is your least favorite?
Which do you enjoy the most?
What does the world say about homemaking?
How does the Scripture convince us differently? See Titus 2, I Tim. 5:14 and Prov. 31

Do you think your family would describe you as "happy"? Go ahead and ask them!
What is one way you can grow in creating a joyful atmosphere in your home? How did you seek to advance your families happiness this past week?

How did you show your husband respect this past week?
How did you use your gifts to assist your husband?

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