Monday, February 15, 2010

Blessings in Color

Memories of my darling daughter's knight in shining armor (who happened to be her Daddy) giving her carnations (the dried ones in the picture) for her 7th birthday tea party.

Books, Books and more books from the library. My little women love taken inside these stories.

Quiet people that keep my littlest one quiet during school.

The sweet heart and soul of "Little Joe". He and his Daddy (with other men and boys) have the privilege of studying I Timothy together in Bible Hour on Sundays. He is going to be a strong leader.

The beautiful marriage words "Mr. Cartwright" and I uttered to each other one windy November Day in 1994.

The many school lessons my children are learning. What a privilege to teach them!

Beautiful Remembrances of Past treasures have grown so quickly!

holy experience


Genny said...

Beautiful rememberances... definitely!

Annesta said...

Lovely post!

Adoption Mama said...
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Stacey said...

What beautiful gifts from God to remember and count! I so enjoy reading your blog and seeing a glimpse of your lovely family...

Stacey <><

Melody said...

Just dropping back by to say I'm praying for your son still.