Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The Beauty of The Cross


...my soul is cleansed

...my grief is replaced by unspeakable joy

...my Savior paid the debt I never could

...Satan's power and schemes are shattered

...my once dark heart is made to shine

...I am made my Lord's child forever

...I am given Christ's righteousness, treating me as if I had never sinned

...my sin is placed on Christ, who is the perfect, spotless lamb

...my eternal life is secure

...the weight of the law was abolished, for I cannot keep the law apart from the cross

...no matter how dark the world is, Christ's light shines through and dispells all darkness

Lord, Thank you for the cross. Thank you for selflessly giving your life and giving me life. You are my light and my salvation. Grant that I may keep the cross ever before my eyes.

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