Monday, January 25, 2010

Another day of Thanksgiving

holy experience

Gifted Musicians who help to bring our worship to Christ

The Cross where my burden has been laid

Trials that bring my
hinds feet in high places

The prophets of old: Habakkuk, Daniel, Jonah, Amos, etc.

Warm slippers on cold mornings

The gentle caresses of my love's rough hands

Running, clean water from our well


The beautiful buds on my Christmas Cactus that waited to bloom until I was home from our Christmas vacation

My precious circle of girlfriends known otherwise as "Mangoes"

Romans 8

The sound of a bouncing basketball as my hubby and son play "Jesus" (instead of horse) with an unsaved friend in the neighborhood....always a good opportunity to give the Gospel.

Our beloved friends from church that help out with "Marie's" hair...this is always a challenge for her "white" mama. :)

Grace, more and more grace, grace exceeding my sin and guilt

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Heather of Swallowing A Moose said...


How are you all? Hope all is well with your bunch.

Well, we are four weeks into our parenting classes now. Whew! The questions in the homework stress me out on some of these. Particularly the loss & grief ones. This week we are onto the attachment talk as you shared about.

I am feeling very overwhelmed with all the homework. Honestly, I guess i don't feel liberty to answer based on my current knowledge verses what the 'state' says is 'just so.' I feel like i'm being graded and they are gonna use those answers in that homework against us. Am I totally off base on that one? I literally did not sleep last night.

THanks for your help & support!


PS- Great list this week!