Monday, December 21, 2009

Happy Birthday, Dear Son

Our Dear "Hoss",

Today is a special day. It is your 13th birthday. So much has happened this year and we find ourselves separated. Never would I have imagined this would be what it is. There is much pain being apart and there are tears shed daily for you, from all of us.
Our love remains steady for you and for our Savior. He is the One who makes living livable when the trials come.

Thirteen years ago you were born in the same state, Missouri, that you find yourself in now. We were supposed to see your beautiful little face a couple of days later, but there was delay. Five weeks later you flew over on a prayer for safety and landed in my arms, nestling cozily. At 12 pounds, you were quite a handful, but such a good-natured baby. The first night you slept through for 12 hours and made that a habit every night.

Words came easily for you at 18 months as well as potty training. You really spoiled your Mom and Dad. Your chubby little arms easily found their way round my neck frequently.

Questions were always on the tip of your tongue. Questions about very deep things: God, Adoption, families and the Bible. At 3 years old, you were thinking through, "Why am I so different from you?" That was a shocker for us, coming from such a little fellow. But we were honest with you and sat you down to tell you the "story". At the end of our little time together, it humbled my heart and brought tears to my eyes, when you told me you were sad. I asked you why and you said, "because I wasn't born in your tummy". Then, I knew that everything would be alright.

I still believe it will be alright.

You are no longer 12 lbs; you are 6 feet, wearing size 15 shoe.

Instead of putting your little arms around my neck; you put your strong arms around my shoulders.

I am so thankful we have these good memories. We'll get through this, son.

I know these things are still close to your heart. I know you have so much hurt and pain deep down inside, still. I know your sadness has shifted to a new place. I know you have lots of questions. Our prayer is that you will find your answers in Christ Jesus.

HE placed you in our home.
HE knew from the moment you were conceived you were be a "Cartwright".
HE has a special plan for you.
HE loves you more than any human on this earth.
HE knows your pain.
HE gave his only Son for you, so you could be His possession.

Your family misses you and loves you.

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Lindsay Baker said...

Praying that your reunion was sweet and encouraging to all. Happy new year! May 2010 bring much joy, answered prayer, and reconciliation.

I love you,