Friday, December 11, 2009

Day Eleven ~ Trumpet of Joshua

Joshua was a mighty man of the Lord whom Yahweh raised up to be the leader of the Israelites after Moses died. Our reading for the Jesse Tree tonight was Joshua 6.

Prior to this passage, Joshua had showed himself to be a godly man who was willing to follow his previous leader, Moses. Joshua was one of the brave spies who entered the land to scope it out. He came back with the information that Moses required, yet, strengthened by the Lord to do the task that was asked. Ten of the twelve spies chose not to trust.

If I was Joshua, I probably would have had something to say to the Lord.
"I was willing to enter the land and trust you..and now, not only do I have to wander with THESE people, but I will lead them into the land eventually???"

But Joshua did not do this. He obeyed. Once they entered the land, he continued to obey, even when it seemed as if God's commands were ridiculous, such as the story of Jericho.

I pray when God is doing things in my life that do not make sense, I will blindly obey.

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