Friday, October 30, 2009

The Retention Pond

I was putting my littlest down for her nap one day this week. (I always have such amazing conversations with her during this time of day.) I finished reading a story to her that had a map of the southeast United States. As I pointed out where Florida was, she immediately asked me where Tennessee was, since her Gran and Boompa live there. Her little finger than found Florida again and she said, "Yup, we live right here, next to the "tention" pond." See, we have a retention pond right next to our home. I got to thinking about what her little mind was trying to wrap itself around.

Immediately, I thought about my big responsibility as a mom. "Inger", didn't really know anything else about that map, except what she views as her home. I want more than anything else to make her feel secure and happy. But this doesn't mean just having fun reading books. Her security comes from my love, discipline, and more importantly, who I am secure in.

Jesus is my security. Just as "Inger" is familiar with her very close surroundings that bring her peace, I want to strive to be familiar with those things that bring my peace. God's Word is first and foremost. Memorizing and meditating on His Word will bring my security. The picture of Christ as the cleft of the rock in which the Psalmist found himself hiding in, comes to mind, as well as, the picture of the Mother Hen sheltering her chicks under her wings.

As "Inger" grows, my prayer is that she will find ultimate peace and security in Jesus Christ. Lord, help me to lead her there, even in the "mundane" things as reading her books. Help me to accomplish Everyday Talk with her.

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