Monday, September 7, 2009

Her 2nd Happy Gotcha Day

Our dear "Inger",

You have brought so much love and joy to this family. We can't believe we are there, at your 2nd year of being with us! There are so many things that you bring to our family. Your deep, robust laugh makes all who hear it laugh. It is amazing you have already discovered the importance of a sense of humor, and this make us laugh so often. You have an eagerness of learning that is invigorating. It is wonderful to hear, "We do preschool, Mommy?" every morning. Large, round, brown eyes greet us each morning with anticipation of the day to come.

We know this year has been tough for you, being away from your oldest brother. We pray that through this time of misunderstanding and questions that you can't put into words you would see our faith in Jesus as the key to living. Remember, Jesus is the only one who can heal your hurts, no matter how deep.

Keep giving those magnificent hugs. They make your Mommy's Day!


Doug and Terrye said...

Oh my!!! How quickly two years have flow by! This is such a special day, and what a wonderful time to give thought to the sovereignty of God. Psalm 115:1

sarahdodson said...

How precious!! What a special post for your girl :o)