Thursday, July 16, 2009

Grace in Trials

The following is a prayer from a book on puritan prayers that I often run to.

Grace In Trials
Father of Mercies,
Hear me for Jesus' sake.
I am sinful even in my closest walk with Thee;
it is of thy mercy I died not long ago;
Thy grace has given me faith in the cross
by which thou hast reconciled thyself to me
and me to thee, drawing me by thy love,
reckoning me as innocent in Christ though guilty in myself.
Giver of all graces,
I look to thee for strength to maintain them in me,
for it is hard to practice what I believe.
Strengthen me against temptations,
My heart is an unexhausted fountain of sin,
a river of corruption since childhood days,
flowing on in every pattern of behaviour;
Thou hast disarmed me of the means in which I trusted,
and I have no strength but in thee.
Thou alone canst hold back my evil ways,
but without thy grace to sustain me I fall,
Satan's darts quickly inflame me,
and the shield that should quench them
easily drops from my hand;
Empower me against his wilds and assaults,
Keep me sensible of my weakness,
and of my dependence upon thy strength.
Let every trial teach me more of thy peace,
more of thy love.
They Holy Spirit is given to increase they graces,
and I cannot preserve or improve them
unless he works continually in me.
May he confirm my trust in thy promised help,
and let me walk humbly in dependence upon thee,
for Jesus' sake.
-The Valley of Vision

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