Monday, June 22, 2009

A Child Like Faith

My oldest daughter has been a source of such quiet peace and joy in my life right now. I have never known a child who floats through life always thinking the best of situations, who enjoys the simple things in life as though someone has given her a million dollars, and who prays with such depth and clarity that only our Father above could have given her the insight into which she prays.

My dear "Inger", there are so many days you bring joy to our family in a way that words cannot express. You help me to remember our Abba Father is One who truly cares about us, even when I fail to feel His presence. I watch you as you swing each day on your favorite swing and see your beautiful face shining forth his presence. You are so special, by daughter, and I am so glad God has given you to us. I pray that as you grow older, your faith will not faulter and you will continue to have the peace that passes all understanding that so many of us adults lose as we go through life experiences. I love you, Sweetie.


Robin said...

I love it when she comes to swim. She is so polite. And she gets along so well with the guys, is very active, and keeps up with the best of them. Her big brother #2 treats her with great respect too. And that is refreshing to see.

Doug and Terrye said...

She IS a very sweet girl...and I see the reflection of her mother's heart in her eyes.