Friday, May 1, 2009

So much to do, So little time, Losing my mind

Ten years ago, I never thought I would get to the point in my life that I need to write everything down in order to remember it. Well, here I find myself. No matter how hard I try, I forget. Even when I say it over and over in my mind, sometimes just minutes later, I can't remember. I'd like to think that I can at least remember what I walked into a room for....

This is the very reason Psalm 119:11 is important...we must hide God's Word in our hearts. These precious words are the vitality of our very lives. If we are to remember anything at all, may it be the life changing words of our heavenly Father. He has given us promises, commandments and exhortations that should overflow into all areas of life. I am in the midst of memorizing the book of James with my sister. May I recomment this site to help you in this effort of "hiding God's Word in your heart"

Today is also a special day here at the Ponderosa. "Little Joe" turned 11 today. I am so thankful for my dear second son. He brings joy to each day and always is full of laughs. We look foward to celebrating tomorrow at a local park. He is growing into such a fine young man, who exudes compassion and love to the people around him.

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Robin said...

i did not know it was Lil Joe's bd. i hope it was a special day for him and for the rest of you. my children have memorized Scripture through the years and will occasionally encourage me with it. as i've taught other children to memorize Scripture, their parents have told me that they too have been blessed by their own children encouraging them- reminding them of things that in our busy worlds, unfortunately is too easy to forget.