Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Help for Knowing How to Pray for our Children

Parenting is the hardest job on earth. Your body and mind are taxed unendingly. Recently, I found a wonderful help in this task.

Nancy Guthrie, a wonderful Bible teacher, wrote a book that points us, parents, back to the essentials of how to parent. Look to the Word of life.

Praying Through the Bible for Your Kids, takes you through a theme each day using multiple passages of Scripture and she fleshes those out for you. Unlike other books I have read, Nancy doesn't just give prayers for us to pray for our children. She also gives us challenging thoughts from Scripture on how to parent and pray in sequence to what the Lord desires of us as believing parents. She not only tackles the struggles a parent feels toward their children, but helps us to think differently about our desires, tasks, and ultimately, our heart towards the Lord in our own spiritual walks.

This has been a timely read as I am, personally, in the throws of 3 older teens and one tween. I look forward each day to the wisdom she imparts. There are no frills, just deep Biblical teaching. This is life to my soul as I travel down this journey each day of parenting.

As a part of the Tyndale Blogging Network, I received a free copy of this book.

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