Friday, September 16, 2016

Greater Than Gold - Book Review

Most of the world were enraptured in the Olympics last month. This is an event that seems to capture the attention of most people and breaks any barriers of race, religion, economic status, etc.

And most, evangelical Christians had their eyes on and their ears open to diver, David Boudia.

So when his book came out and up for review I was ecstatic to be able to find out more about this outspoken Christian man.

Greater Than Gold, written by David Boudia alongside with Tim Ellsworth, is an easy read that chronicles David's journey to find happiness. Like so many athletes, there seems to be a black hole when it comes to "making it to the top." It never quite satisfies. And that is what Mr. Boudia find out himself. The change in his life that occurred was a miracle...just like all of us that come to know Christ and have allowed Him to transform us looks like. As you read his book, there is a definite line of "before Christ" and "after Christ". He writes with transparency and humility.

He is the real deal. I think we all saw that even at the last Olympics in Rio. He reminds us that life is greater than our achievements. It is more than our happiness. It is about the peace of God ruling in our hearts and our goal in life being for His glory.

Note: As a part of the Book Look Blogger's Network, I received a free copy of this book.

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